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Photo of scenery or campus life at FSU

Mission, Vision, Values


The Division of Student Affairs maintains, expands, and protects Florida State University’s focus on students. We value the tenets of the Seminole Creed as essential to the development of Vires (strength), Artes (skill), and Mores (character). We achieve this by:

  • Advocating for students individually and systematically;
  • Developing students' intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual well–being;
  • Educating students through inclusive services, courses, and programs;
  • Creating student–centered policies and programs in collaboration with partners; and
  • Leading the University to anticipate student needs and resolve issues.


Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs creates welcoming, supportive, and challenging environments that maximize student well-being, learning, and success.


Our community makes meaningful contributions to a global society through character, competence, and integrity.