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Dance Marathon at FSU Receives Awards at DM Leadership Conference

This July, the Dance Marathon (DM) team at Florida State University sent five of their management students, a graduate assistant advisor and a campus staff advisor to the annual Dance Marathon Leadership Conference (DMLC) in St. Louis, Missouri. 

While there, the team was awarded with the National Digital Media Award for strong storytelling through photography and videography with an emphasis on emotions. When shooting photo and videos, DM students focused on the principles of photo/journalism and the importance of each individual’s impact. The first major project for DM and the FSU Technology Team was Marshal’s Statement, a story about how one individual can inspire hundreds of people to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Marshal’s story showed the impact of Dance Marathon and it inspired the lives of everyone involved. Marshal was a miracle child whose family was very involved with DM; he passed away last summer. 

Marshal’s Statement Video:

The three-day DMLC brings together 1,000 student leaders, over 100 campus and hospital advisors, and various corporate partner representatives from all over the country to connect, network, and share ideas and best practices. At the conference students are able to gain an understanding of best practices in peer-to-peer fundraising; develop effective strategies to raise funds and generate awareness for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital; expand their personal connection to a larger cause and reaffirm their commitment to local kids; and develop professionally through public speaking opportunities, interaction with CMN Hospitals corporate partners and other industry leaders as well as various networking opportunities. 

The FSU Dance Marathon team had many shining moments at the 2019 DMLC:

Taylor Williams, the Executive Director, was accepted to present during the conference and lead an amazing session on Developing Your Team with Team Captains - it was a huge hit!

Taylor Williams and Rachel Hernandez, the External Director had the opportunity to create a business partner sponsorship presentation to receive feedback from corporate partners and CMN hospital staff.

FSU students learned a lot during the conference and are excited to have a successful year celebrating Dance Marathon’s 25th anniversary at Florida State University.

Save the date: March 6-8, 2020 at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center.