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InternFSU Program Receives Recognition

Congratulations to the FSU Career Center for the InternFSU program's recognition as a 2021 Program of Distinction by NASPA–Florida in the category of Careers, Academic Support, Service–Learning, Community Service. NASPA–Florida Programs of Distinction awards are designed to celebrate strong programs and services provided for students throughout the state of Florida. The InternFSU Career Center management team includes Li Pon, Program Manager and Ashley Johns, Graduate Assistant.

Photo of Li Pon
Photo of Ashley Jones

The InternFSU Program provides undergraduate students on–campus paid internships with guaranteed wages, feedback and mentorship and development of core career competencies. In turn, it allows student supervisors to receive training in position description development, supervision structure and mentorship approach, to deepen the quality of their student employment opportunities. InternFSU has been recognized for its effectiveness in increasing access to paid experiential learning opportunities, and has been included in FSU's Strategic Plan as a tactic to support student success goals. Staff from peer institutions from around the country reach out to the FSU Career Center to learn more about the creation and execution of this program so they can launch similar programs at their institutions.

The program offers 100 on–campus paid positions for full–time undergraduate students with a guarantee of working at least 120 hours and earning a minimum of $10 per hour during the semester. The unique funding model provides 50 percent of the wages from The Career Center funded by the Provost's Office and the other 50 percent from the internship site.

To assess the effectiveness of the program, student participants and student supervisors receive a mid–semester and final student participant skill growth and performance evaluation, and an overall program evaluation. Additionally, Career Center Staff conduct mid–semester site visits and meet separately with both the student participant and student supervisor. Since the program's inaugural semester in Spring 2018, 100 percent of student participants indicated that they made connections that will benefit them in the future and that they will recommend this program to their peers. When asked for their top outcome of the program, 34 percent of InternFSU students were re–hired by their site, 30 percent of students indicated that they found a mentor, 10 percent secured an internship off–campus because of the experience gained and 15 percent were accepted into graduate school because of their experience gained.

"The InternFSU program was designed to increase career readiness of our undergraduate participants and elevate on–campus opportunities by providing supervisor orientation, mentorship, scheduled site visits, and structured mid–semester and final evaluations," said Li Pon, FSU Career Center Senior Assistant Director of Experiential Learning. "It is truly impressive to see our undergraduate students have a great impact in our program, services, initiatives and research."

NASPA–FL Programs of Distinction state winners will be forwarded for consideration at the regional and national awards level for NASPA, the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.