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Myrna Hoover, Director of The Career Center, honored at Alumni Awards Gala during Homecoming Week

Photo of Myrna Hoover
Myrna Hoover
B.S. '83, M.S. '84

The Florida State University Alumni Association recognized seven members of the FSU family during the Alumni Awards Gala Friday, Oct. 25, at the FSU Alumni Center Courtyard and Ballroom.

The gala took place during FSU’s annual Homecoming Week.

"Homecoming is a time when we welcome back Florida State University alumni, and there's no better way to do so than honoring these seven graduates," said Julie Cheney, president and CEO of the FSU Alumni Association. "What's amazing about FSU alumni is their eagerness and willingness to give back to this top 20 university, which these honorees have done. For that, we are so proud and thankful."

The Alumni Association presented three alumni with the Grads Made Good Award presented to FSU graduates who have made outstanding contributions to their community or chosen field. Our Director of The Career Center, Myrna Hoover, was one of the 2019 award recipients:

Myrna Hoover (B.S. '83, M.S. '84)
College of Communication and Information

Myrna Hoover is the definition of a Seminole – spirited, hardworking, intelligent, a true leader and role model. Hoover has over 33 years of career services experience and is currently the director of the FSU Career Center. She co-authored the National Career Development Association published monograph, "Employer Relations and Recruitment: An Essential Part of the Postsecondary Career Services." During her career, Hoover has impacted countless students, alumni and friends through her commitment and dedication to the field of career services and FSU.

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