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The Black Male Initiative

at Florida State University

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Florida State University Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

Enrollment by Ethnicity/Race-Fall 2014
American Indian/ Alaskan Native 0.3%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2.6%
Black or African American 8.2%
Hispanic/ Latino 16.1%
White 64.1%
Two or More Races 2.6%
Race/Ethnicity Unknown 1.6%
Non–Resident Alien 5.3%

Number of Applicants 32,075
Number Admitted 17,097
Number Enrolled 6,025

In the Fall semester of 2014, there were approximately 1,016 Black men enrolled at the undergraduate level at Florida State University. The entire undergraduate population during that same time was 32,621 students. Black men made up 3% of the student body enrollment while Black women made up the remaining 5% for a total 8% Black student enrollment.

Graduation Rates by Ethnicity/Race (Based on 5-year graduation rates)

Ethnicity Graduation Rate
White 77.4%
Black 72.7%
Hispanic 74.8%
Asian/Pacific Islander 76.3%
American Indian 75.5%
Nonresident Alien 84.0%
2 or more Races 83.3%

While the overall Black student graduation rates (72.7%) are comparable to those from other student populations, the Black male graduation rate is 11 percent lower at 61.7% for the same period.