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Photo of Vires Artes Mores

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

About the Task Force

The DSA DEI Task Force is comprised of 40 members serving on one of four different committees, all of which have specific goals intended to explore and address diversity, equity, and inclusion for the DSA staff. The Advisory board, constituted of the committee Co-Chairs, helps direct the work of the committees and advise the VPSA on DEI initiatives. See below for structure and committee information.

VPSA -> DEI Advisory Board -> Department & Supervisor Accountability -> National DEI Conference -> Professional Development & Training -> Staff Recruitment & Retention

DSA Department & Supervisor Accountability Committee

Goal: This committee is focusing on examining methods in which departments and supervisors can be held accountable and receive feedback on DEI efforts in their departments.

Photo of Chris Graham

Chris Graham, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life Co-Chair

"I'm excited to be part of these efforts because real, sustainable change is needed right now. Our organization isn't exempt from the many injustices and challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion. I hope these efforts lead to a stronger, healthier, and more empathetic culture in our division and beyond."

Photo of Christina Schaefer

Christina Schaefer, Assistant Director of Union Productions/Club Downunder Co-Chair

"I am excited to have the opportunity to have an impact upon departmental culture and provide resources to supervisors to make FSU a more welcoming place for all employees."

Committee Members

Larry Cummings, Jr. Housing
Sherica Holston Career Center
William Langley Housing
Dejah Myers Union
Pearson DSST
Rosanna Rizo Housing
Amie Runk Student Engagement
Vanessa Solomon CLSC

DSA Professional Development & Training Committee

Goal: This committee will lead efforts to determine gaps in DSA professional competencies surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion and identify current opportunities or develop opportunities for professional staff to engage in DEI competency acquisition

Photo of Yvonne-Langdon-Maduekwe

Dr. Yvonne Langdon-Madeukwe, Assistant Director for UCC Outreach Co-Chair

"I'm committed to the development of professional training opportunities that highlight seeing the unseen, building connections, as well as increasing our knowledge, skills, and awareness of our diverse staff and the diverse world."

Photo of Edwin Darrell

Edwin Darrell, Director of Residential Student Experience Co-Chair

"My hope is that the Professional Development and Training committee will provide a variety of training and professional development opportunities for the division. In addition, I hope we are able to collaborate with the larger campus community, FAMU and Tallahassee."

Committee Members

Alli Adams Housing
Kelly Clark Housing
Sarika Griffin DSST
Deanna C. Hughes Housing
Kenya Rich UCC
Bridgid Shannon CLSC
Grace Wilson Student Engagement/SGA

DSA Staff Recruitment & Retention Committee

Goal: This committee will explore strategies to recruit and retain diverse staff members to the DSA.

Photo of Joe Blanks

Joe Blanks, Campus Recreation Business Manager Co-Chair

"I'm excited to be on this Task Force to continue to make a difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion across the FSU campus. With my work as co-chair to the Black Faculty and Staff Network and as a Business Manager, I look to bring insight, perspective, leadership, financial tools and ideas to this group with the goal of establishing long-lasting and sustainable DEI initiatives for FSU students, staff, and faculty."

Photo of Elcin Haskollar

Dr. ElÒ«in Haskollar, Program Director for Global Citizenship Certificate Co-Chair

"I am very excited to work with a group of talented people interested in building an inclusive campus community. I look forward to using evidence-based research and innovative ideas to create strategies and thoughtful hiring practices in order to recruit and retain a diverse body of staff."

Committee Members

Carla Larriviere DSST
Holly Proctor Housing
Geneva Scott Career Center
Jose Toribio Housing
Marrese Whitsett, Jr. Housing
Darneshia Williams UHS
Ebony Wofford FSL

National DEI Conference Committee

Goal: This committee will be a transition team in charge of shifting the current Dalton Institute of College Values to a nationally-recognized DEI conference.

Photo of Nicola Perry

Nicola Perry, Human Resources Manager for UHS Co-Chair

"As Co-Chair of the Dalton Institute Transformation Committee, I am honored and excited to support the division in its efforts to steer the Dalton Institute to a nationally recognized DEI conference. Through the work of this committee, it is my hope to sustain our awareness of and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond our silos."

Photo of Jennifer Mitchell

Dr. Jennifer Mitchell, Assistant Dean & Director of OAS Co-Chair

"I am excited to be part of a team of individual practitioners from across the university who bring perspectives and experiences that are critical for making diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of our work."

Committee Members

David Bateman-Schieler CLSC
Tory Dellafiora Career Center
Wisley Dorce CARE
Julie Fleishman Student Engagement/SOI
Jessica Hamrick Housing
Amanda Peerce Housing
Rose Rezaei UHS/CHAW