Hispanic Latinx Student Life Task Force

Recognizing the needs, challenges and goals of Hispanic/Latinx students at Florida State University, the Hispanic/Latinx Student Life task force strove to enable the academic, professional, and social success of Hispanic/Latinx students on our campus. The task force explored ways to better connect and create lasting resources for Hispanic/Latinx students. The task force represented a diverse population within the Hispanic/Latinx community at FSU to ensure accessible and representative resources remained the utmost priority.

Formed in October 2020, the task force delivered recommendations to Dr. Hecht by February 2021. Kristian Diaz, former director of the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union, and Adela Larramendi, director of the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union, presented recommendations to the Student Affairs Leadership Team in March. The presentation of findings included recommendations related to namings, the President's Cabinet, the Latinx Cultural Celebration, identity-based counseling, identity-based orientation, resources for undocumented students, a Hispanic/Latinx affairs department, and a Hispanic/Latinx house or center. Dr. Hecht and her team will consider the recommendations as part of both short&ndsash; and long-term planning for the DSA as well as collaborations with campus and community partners.