Human Resources

The Human Resources section provides helpful resources and guidance for staff when navigating University and Divisional human resource-related processes.

Division of Student Affairs

DSA leadership should review and approve vacant positions before a department can advertise to fill them. The Vacancy Review Committee will meet bi-weekly to review requests submitted by Departments. Effective immediately, Departments should submit the DSA Vacancy Review form to request a vacant positions review and copy Earl Levison on the form. Please include any supporting documentation such as org. chart, etc., that would help the Committee make an informed decision about the need for this position.

In the case of critical hiring needs, please contact your AVP to request an immediate review. The AVP will decide if the need warrants an immediate review. If so, the Committee will review and update the Department. If not, the position will be added to the list of positions to be reviewed at the next meeting.

DSA Vacant Position Review Form


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