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Leadership Studies Certificate FAQ

How do I become admitted to the certificate program?

Email Leadership-Studies@fsu.edu to schedule an advising session.

What are the overall requirements for the certificate?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies is an 18-credit, interdisciplinary, multidimensional and experiential program open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. You must take LDR 2101, LDR 2162, LDR 3215, LDR 3263 and LDR 4105 and one supporting course. You must attain a C or above in all leadership courses to be eligible for the certificate. You must meet with the leadership certificate advisor to discuss your plan of study and the requirements of the certificate. Finally, you take the courses and continue your communication with the certificate advisor as you progress through your classes.

Can I complete the Leadership Certificate in ONE year?

No. You cannot take more than two courses in one semester, and you must take LDR 3263 and LDR 4105 in separate semesters.

In what sequence must I take the courses?

You can take LDR 2101, LDR 2162, and LDR 3215 in any order, but you may only take two of these courses in any given semester. Students must must take all three courses before they can request to be enrolled in LDR 3263 – Leadership Experience. After completing all of these courses and a supporting course, students can request to be enrolled in LDR 4105 – Leadership and Complexity.

What is the supporting course?

Students in the certificate also must complete a three-credit supporting course, which is intended to enhance leadership learning within their academic field of study. Courses can be chosen from a pre-approved selection. Otherwise, students must send a copy of the syllabus to the certificate coordinator for approval prior to taking the course.

What is the Leadership Learning Poster and presentation?

You must complete the leadership learning poster and participate in the poster presentations to complete the certificate. You will complete this poster while enrolled in LDR 3263, Leadership Experience. While taking LDR 4105, you will participate in the Leadership Learning Research Center Poster Presentations.

What exactly is LDR 3263 – Leadership Experience?

This course is a 120-hour experience that is pre-approved by a student's leadership certificate advisor. This experience will be 120 hours in research, internship or service. The student will develop and establish this experience to enhance academic and leadership opportunities. The leadership experience is not a leadership role on campus, but rather a new experience which supports previous leadership learning in a research, internship or service capacity. This course is only offered in the Summer and the Fall.

Why can’t I register for LDR 3263 – Leadership Experience and LDR 4105 – Leadership and Complexity in course registration?

You must meet with the leadership certificate advisor for approval for these classes. To register for LDR 3263, you must set up this meeting before the end of course registration. This is a face-to-face meeting in which the student will present the advisor with a plan of action for the leadership experience.

Who teaches LDR courses?

Our courses are taught by faculty and staff from Florida State University and beyond. The bulk of the core courses are taught by the LLRC staff. Our teaching assistants are second-year master’s students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program.