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Photo of scenery or campus life at FSU

For Students

ProfessioNOLE Mentors

ProfessioNole Mentors is our online mentoring platform that allows current students to ask career related questions and learn from alumni and friends of the University.

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Grad Impact Project

FSU Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards

Coffee and Conversations video chat series amid COVID to encourage community and connections during this period of social isolation.

This is an opportunity to stay connected as a FSU and chat about life as a graduate student "then" and "now". This virtual space is meant to be informative but informal and fun hence the coffee reference :-)! This is also an opportunity to invite another student into your world virtually and share what life has been like with the shift to remote instruction and learning and studying and working from home?, Some ways you and your friends and family are staying in touch during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine?, and what are you doing to stay healthy and happy during this time?

The chats are no more than 20-25 minutes of your time.

They are individual chats but we can set them up with more than one person, max 3 so that the undergrad leading can handle the flow of conversation.

If you are interested in participating, please provide your availability here:

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Degree Progress Snapshot

Degree Progress simplifies and personalizes the degree planning process for students. The application provides a comprehensive list of degree requirements and makes it simple for students to select and plan courses for future terms.

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