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Dear Florida State University Community,

The events of the last several weeks have been highly painful for many students in the FSU community and in particular, our Jewish student community. During this time of perceived silence, the FSU administration has been working with Jewish student leaders, Hillel at FSU leadership, Jewish alumni and local Jewish organizations to develop a list of action items. This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to work with our student community to ensure a welcoming and inclusive campus.

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the following:

  • Instituting annual training for staff within Student Affairs surrounding anti-Semitism, religious discrimination, and ways in which to foster a more inclusive campus within Student Affairs programs, activities, and policies. External experts upon recommendation of a variety of groups, including Hillel at FSU and Jewish Alumni, will facilitate these trainings.
  • Updating the University calendar to capture all significant religious holidays and increase understanding of these holidays across campus. Religious/Cultural Holidays Calendar
  • Increased awareness of the religious holy days policy: Religious Holy Days Policy
  • The creation of a task force led by Student Affairs leadership to review Jewish student life on campus and develop recommendations for Vice President for Student Affairs, Amy Hecht, to consider by September 7, 2020.
  • Conduct a student campus survey on Jewish student life at FSU and anti-Semitism. The task force will use a questionnaire developed by Hillel at FSU as a basis for initial discussions.
  • Prepare specific responses to climate survey and make concrete recommendations for campus improvements to increase the inclusion of Jewish student voices and participation in student life, including religious observance policies and kosher dining options.
  • Hire a new Student Equity and Inclusion Director with consultation from various members of the university community including the Jewish community.
  • Institute meetings once a semester (minimum) with Hillel and Jewish student leaders to increase lines of communication with our Jewish student community.
  • Support the reestablishment and recognition of the Jewish Student Union as an organization on campus.


Amy Hecht

Dr. Amy Hecht
Vice President for Student Affairs