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Finish Strong

With the semester winding down and final exams approaching, you may find it difficult to stay focused. But devoting the necessary time to a course – even in these last few weeks of the semester – is essential to a successful outcome. During this time, FSU is fully committed to supporting and ensuring our student’s success while you FINISH STRONG.

Remember, it's always okay to seek support. The FSU Department of Student Support & Transitions realizes that locating the correct department, office, or resource for your individual needs can be a challenging task. DSST is here to connect you to the right resource and to provide you with support for ultimate success, however that looks for you.

Managing Stress / Wellness

  • Exercise & Motivation
    • Carving out time for exercise can help you focus better, retain more, and destress. No time for a long workout? Consider breaking your workout up into several 10-minute sessions.
      • Exercise with others. Grab your parents, a friend, or your roommate and go for a walk or hop on a virtual workout class.
      • If you're in Tallahassee, check out Trailahassee to find a new-to-you trail to visit.
  • Sleep
    • Getting enough sleep is an essential part of your final's week routine.
      • Sleep recharges our energy, helps fight illness, and improves cognitive function. Insufficient sleep impacts health, mood, and academic performance.
      • Try for eight hours of sleep each night. Avoiding blue light, like your cell phone screen, for an hour before bed can help.
  • Battling Zoom Fatigue
    • It's not just you – Zoom calls can drain your energy.
      • Video calls require more focus than face-to-face meetings because our brains are working harder to catch non-verbal cues: tone of voice and facial expressions.
      • Incorporating downtime away from screens and drinking water, exercising a little, and stretching in between Zoom classes or online homework can help lessen the intensity and stress that comes from being in front of a screen all day.
      • Because of this, it's more important than ever to consider limiting your social media or other screen time activities. Your phone likely has a setting to limit the amount of screen time it allows—consider utilizing it to find balance.
  • Setting Boundaries
    • Knowing what we need, and how to communicate our needs, can help protect our mental health and energy.
      • When experiencing a crisis, it can be difficult to process feelings and emotions in a healthy way which can lead to increased stress and anxiety levels.
      • Setting boundaries with yourself and others can create routine and alleviate stress. Journaling, intentional self-care, or talking to someone are all great ways to process emotion.
  • Mental Health
    • If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated, and not sure where to turn, a consultation with a clinician would be a good place to start. The University Counseling Center has a diverse staff and helps students with a variety of issues impacting their academic success. You can speak with a mental health clinician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 850-644-TALK. To learn more about what to expect at the UCC go to:

Health & Wellness

This week marks the beginning of final exams and the end of a challenging year; with that comes stress and fatigue. There are people and services available to you to help you through what has, been for everyone, a difficult time. Your health and well-being are so important and we want to know that we are here for you.

Finishing the semester away from campus doesn’t mean you can't access quality health care. University Health Services continues to offer appointments through Telehealth.

Flu Shot

Getting your flu shot is more important than ever in order to protect yourself and others. University Health Services is offering a no cost flu shot for students. If you are unable to visit the Health Center, please use the vaccine finder to find flu vaccines in your area.

COVID-19 Testing

  • Schedule a test prior to departure
    • Plan accordingly for your return in the spring. Continue to check the website for testing dates and times. Students living in residence halls will need to test prior to moving in. It is strongly encouraged that everyone who plans to be on-campus take part in testing.
    • Did you know that DOH is now texting persons their positive test results from the number 78549. You can then download the Healthy Together app and log in to obtain the results. This will be done for any person who lists a Florida address and puts a 10-digit phone number in when tested.

Student Success / Academic Resources

  • Ask for Help / Tutoring
    • Peer tutoring is a process that supports student learning by strengthening a wide variety of educational skills. Working with a tutor can help you make the most of your study time. ACE offers online group and individual tutoring through 12/11. Learn more by visiting:
    • The Learning District of FSU Libraries provides tutoring in chemistry, math, physics, and humanities as well as providing learning resources for all FSU students.
    • The CARE Tutoring & Computer Lab provides encouragement and support that will enhance each students' academic success. The Lab provides academic support in small groups and individualized sessions. The staff are prepared to assist any student enrolled in the CARE program at FSU.
    • The Reading–Writing Center and Digital Studio offers support to all FSU students working on written or multimodal projects. Reading–Writing Center and Digital Studio consultants get to know students, their writing, and their digital projects; we act as a practice audience, make suggestions, and offer support at every stage of the writing and designing process from brainstorming to fine tuning. For best results, visit early and visit often.

Campus Academic & Involvement Resources

  • Study Tips
    • As a college student you will need to spend additional time outside of class studying, completing papers/projects, and preparing for exams. As we approach finals week, we wanted to share a resource from ACE to help you develop a study plan that will help you ACE your exam!

Learning and Test Preparation

  • Various study spaces are available to all FSU students on the Tallahassee campus.

Fall 2020 Study Spaces