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How to Get Involved

Alumni Involvement

It is never too late to get involved! The Seminole Torchbearers formally invite new members to join each fall. As an alumni organization that supports the Division of Student affairs we are looking for dedicated alumni to continue the legacy of leadership for Florida State University. For more information, contact Lisa Askins, Development Officer, at (850) 644-4364 or

Board Involvement

Nominations for inclusion on the Board of Directions can be made at any time during the year. Potential Board Members are screened by the Director of Development and the Vice President for Student Affairs regarding inclusion. Please see the Board of Directors page for Member Expectations and a copy of the Seminole Torchbearers Constitution. Please contact Lisa Askins, Development Officer, at (850) 644-4364 or for questions regarding the nomination process.

Student Involvement

Unique among collegiate groups, the Seminole Torchbearers provide an organization where past and present leaders are able to connect, share experiences and network. Florida State University's Legacy of Leadership continues from generation to generation through the dedication of this group.

The Seminole Torchbearers invite new members to join each fall. Students must 1) be classified as a junior, a senior, a law student, a medical student, or a graduate student, and 2) be in good standing with the University to qualify for consideration.

Nomination Process

Please consider nominating outstanding junior, senior, and professional (graduate, law, medicine) students who have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing student life both on campus and in the surrounding community. Nominees should be a current student in good standing and should possess a desire to continue their service to and support of FSU as alumni.


Seminole Torchbearer Nominations are now open until December 11, 2018.

Nominate Today!