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Photo of scenery or campus life at FSU

Torchbearer Development Council for Student Affairs

The Torchbearer Development Council for Student Affairs acts as the primary fundraising board for the Division of Student Affairs. Each board member acts as a liaison on behalf of the Vice President for Student Affairs and helps to maintain relationships with friends and alumni. In addition, board members help to induct student leaders into Seminole Torchbearers and to recognize student leaders through various events held each year.

Seminole Torchbearer Development Council 2017-18

Photo of Cathy Bame

Cathy Bame '82

Tampa, FL

Photo of Devon Cook Boudet

Devon Cook Boudet '83

Orlando, FL

Photo of Chris Brockman

Chris Brockman '81, '85

Orlando, FL

Photo of Maureen Brockman

Maureen Brockman '83

Orlando, FL

Photo of Anne Littlejohn Carr

Anne Littlejohn Carr '08

Orlando, FL

Photo of Jimmy Cole

Jimmy Cole '06

Tallahassee, FL

Photo of Alicia Crew

Alicia Crew '69

Tallahassee, FL

Photo of Cathy Cuevas

Cathy Cuevas '94, '97

Knoxville, TN

Photo of Hank Didier

Hank Didier '92

Orlando, FL

Photo of Julie Dunn Eichenberg

Julie Dunn Eichenberg '94

Atlanta, GA

Photo of Kelly Flannery

Kelly Flannery '02

Tampa, FL

Photo of Melanie Griffin

Melanie Griffin '03, '06

Tampa, FL

Photo of Brock Howard

Brock Howard '11

Tallahassee, FL

Photo of Ramiro Inguanzo

Ramiro Inguanzo '91, '94

Miami, FL

Photo of Steve Loflin

Steve Loflin '86

Washington, DC

Photo of Aakash Patel

Aakash Patel '06

Tampa, FL

Photo of Sonya Penley

Sonya Penley '94

Tallahassee, FL

Photo of Woody Rodriguez

Woody Rodriguez '92, '95

Orlando, FL

Photo of Bobby Seifter

Bobby Seifter '11

Atlanta, GA

Photo of Angela Santone

Angela Santone '93

Atlanta, GA

Photo of Kareem Spratling

Kareem Spratling '02, '06

Tampa, FL

Photo of Tish Stropes

Tish Stropes '95

Arlington, VA

Photo of Joshua Tyler

Joshua Tyler '02

Ocean Springs, MS

Ex-officio Council Members

Amy Hecht '01

Vice President for Student Affairs

Allison Crume '04

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Brandon Bowden '02, '06, '14

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Vicki Dobiyanski '17

Dean of Students

Danielle Morgan Acosta '18

Director, Student Government Association

Stacey Pierre

Student Body President

Peter Singhal

Student Senate President

Isiah Parfait

Senior Class Council President