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Student Engagement

Many venues, museums, and performers are offering access to tours, concerts, and engaging opportunities. Click the many links below. Better yet — connect with friends virtually and watch them together. Share your experience with us online by tagging #EngageFSU

RSO Resources

  • RSO Rendezvous: Join us every Wednesday between 10am-1pm to promote your RSO online. Student Organizations & Involvement will re-post RSO stories they are tagged in during this time each week, think of it as a virtual tabling event! We encourage organizations to post about past events, future plans, why members got involved, how other students can get involved, and more! Need help getting started? SOAR Board will be posing a question each week for the RSOs to answer during RSO Rendezvous learn more by following @fsu.soarboard!
  • RSO Spotlight: Each Monday we will choose an organization to highlight on all Student Organizations & Involvement's social media pages. This will include story highlights as well as a dedicated feed post. The spotlight will include photos, videos, a description of the organization, and ways to get involved with the RSO. For a chance to have your RSO be in the spotlight complete this Qualtrics: RSO Spotlight
  • Nole Central: If your organization is transitioning officers make sure you update your Nole Central profile and your organization roster! Nole Central
  • If you or your organization have any questions, email!


  • Free streaming platforms for FSU students!
    • Swank Digital Campus – Popular titles like Wonder Woman, Crazy Rich Asians, Get Out
    • FSU Kanopy – Independent, Documentary, and Classic titles like The Secret of Kells and Super Size Me
    • Avon (Alexander St) – Performance titles like the BroadwayHD Collection, Dance in Video, and Classical Music Performances
    • FOD (Films on Demand) – HBO documentaries, TEDTalks, PBS programs, Frontline
  • Engage with Friends online!
    • Netflix Party – Watch Netflix from your account with your friends online.
    • Binge Together – Watch Prime Video, Disney+, and more with your friends online.
    • Metastream – Watch internet videos with friends – includes support for YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and more!
    • Rave – Watch Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, Dropbox and Viki together with friends. Combine phones to create an instant speaker system / international karaoke night. Users can also create new content with Rave DJ to compose seamless mashups from user-selected songs.