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Wishing You Well

The Division of Student Affairs recognizes 9 different dimensions of wellness that focus on you as a whole person. We believe an environment that encourages healthy behaviors and wellness is essential to the academic success and holistic well-being of the members of our community — no matter where you are! Here are 9 simple ways to exercise each dimension of your holistic wellness:

Creative Wellness

Laughter relaxes the whole body and boosts your
immune system.

Physical Wellness

30 minutes of physical activity a day releases endorphins that increase your mood, sleep, and productivity.

Social Wellness

Getting involved outside of the classroom and
being an active member of a community can help you develop
a sense of belonging.

Spiritual Wellness

Regular engagement in contemplative practice, such as journaling, reflection, meditation, yoga, dialogue, or labyrinth walking, promotes self-awareness and enhances the capacity for connection.

Environmental Wellness

You are an instrumental member of the FSU community and make a positive impact when you uphold our values and model the behavior you wish to see in the world.

Intellectual Wellness

Reading for fun or playing a board game increases knowledge and skills in order to live a stimulating and successful life.

Occupational Wellness

Engaging with career services at Florida State University can result in significant and positive outcomes including decreased anxiety and confidence in next steps.

Financial Wellness

Developing financially smart habits during college is a valuable investment to achieve your future goals. Make an appointment with a CHAW Wellness Coach to start the conversation.

Emotional Wellness

Perceiving something as "stressful" can lead to more mental and physical health concerns than the stressful event itself. The skill of mindfulness can help you reinterpret events and respond with purpose instead of reacting based on emotions.