Frequently Asked Questions

We provide programs and services to enhance the quality of life for students during matriculation at the university. We focus on the areas of personal growth and development, health and wellness, diversity, student leadership, campus entertainment, housing and childcare.
You can apply to Florida State University online by visiting
Florida State University offers a variety of financial aid packages including grants, loans, and scholarships. All that is needed to apply is the free application for Federal Student Aid.
The academic calendar is available through the Registrar's Office at
An electronic campus map can be found at
You can apply for University Housing online by visiting
Please contact the Registrar's office at (850) 644-1050 or by email
You must have a valid FSU ID card to gain access to the Leach Center. Faculty and staff can purchase a membership package to gain access to the Leach Center. Visit the Leach Center's website for more information at
There are several ways to get involved on campus. Take a look at the "Resources for Students" page, and look for the topics "Engagement, Involvement, & Career Planning" and "Campus Life @ FSU"
Contact the Center for Leadership & Social Change. They will provide a list of organizations and help get the volunteer service recorded on your transcript.
The Career Center is a reliable resource for students searching for a way to make ends meet. The user can access the Career Center's website,, to view available positions, requirements, and contact for additional information.
No, students are not required to live on-campus their first year. There are a variety of benefits to living on-campus including location, getting involved, meeting people, and more. For more information on on-campus living, visit,
In Fall 2014, there were 41,773 students enrolled at Florida State. For more details and the most recent information, please visit the Office of Institutional Research at
Please visit the Withdrawal Services website,, for more information.
Please contact Enrollment Certification at 644-1251 and they will be happy to assist you. For more information regarding mandatory health insurance and options for students, please visit the Thagard Student Health Center at
Please contact the Graduation Office at 644-5850, or visit the Registrar at