Staff Recognition

Granvill Adkins

Employee of the Month

February 2024

Granvill Adkins

University Housing


Granvill Adkins is a Residence Coordinator for University Housing, doing an upstanding job being visible within his community supporting his graduate assistant, 18 RAs, and 706 member residential community. In their role, Granvill is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of DeGraff Hall, which composes of supervising 18 resident assistants, planning and facilitating monthly community wide events, and partnering with campus partners to support resident's full potential.
In the words of Granvill's nominator: "This past month Granvill went above and beyond with providing assistance and support to a student of concern and other community members impacted by the student of concern. His communication and timeliness of meeting with students and documenting each account was much appreciated, allowing us to work seamlessly with campus partners to support the student, community members, and families involved in the crisis. Granvill consistently exceeds expectations when it comes to providing care and support of his student leaders and students, while maintaining his administrative and committee/workgroup duties and responsibilities.

Granvill also supports his fellow peers and graduate assistants, by sharing resources and practices of promise so everyone can thrive in their respective communities. If you need a ride, Granvill will lend you one. If you need someone to hold the duty phone for you, Granvill will be one of the first to step up. Granvill is a giving soul who is always willing to help others and create space for the team to bond and check in throughout the year. We are grateful to have him and witness his impact."

Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs thanks you for your exemplary leadership qualities and for your care for the students you serve.

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