Strategic Planning & Assessment

Strategic Planning & Assessment supports the Division of Student Affairs in facilitating assessment, evaluation, and research projects. Results from these projects provide the DSA and the university community with an understanding of the impact of student affairs. We strive to:

  • Communicate the strengths of the Division of Student Affairs to stakeholders
  • Provide education, training, and resources for research, assessment, and evaluation initiatives
  • Gather data to support student learning and division-wide initiatives
  • Maintain information for accreditation requirements and government mandates
  • Engage in critical and socially just assessment


“Assessment is not exempt from being complicit or contributing to oppression, biased interpretation, erasure of identities, or inviting only privileged perspectives for contributions. While we work as assessment professionals, we are human beings and still subject to the biases of our cultures. To serve our diverse students, colleagues, and institutions, we must work to eliminate these biases from our work and our lives.” (Black Lives Matter Statement from the Student Affairs Assessment Leaders Board of Directors, June 12, 2020)


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Strategic Planning & Assessment
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Jillian M. Volpe White, Ph.D.
Program Director