Marketing Request

Service Request Descriptions

University Wide Campaign: Creation of campaign to market events / initiatives that span multiple departments and require integrated marketing strategy (print/social media/web). Examples include: Homecoming, Rez Days, Hazing Prevention Week, etc..

Department/Program Specific Marketing: Creation of any internal documents for a specific office or area. Examples include: Department Overview booklets, organizational charts, PowerPoints, informational brochures, department promotional items, trade show signage, etc...

Branding / Logo: Creation of a unique visual symbol or look to help target audience identify/define your event/service/organization.

Single Graphic Item: Single or one-time design for items not connected to larger campaign. Example: Poster, Social graphic, web banner, etc..

Update/Edit Existing Graphic Item: Updating designs/text for existing marketing materials. Examples include: Updating dates on a poster for a reoccurring event, updating colors for seasonal events, changing phone numbers/websites on informational items, etc..

Social Media: Develop a social media strategy or post announcements for your department, program or initiative on our social media accounts. Each submission will be reviewed prior to posting and those deemed unsuitable will not be eligible for posting.

Website Updates: Website update requests that consist of: updates to an existing website/page or consideration to create a new website/page.

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