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Albert Einstein Award

Award Criteria:

  • Awarded to one employee
  • Employee initiates an idea that improves operations, reduces or eliminates expenditures, or generates revenues that produces positive change in the Department and/or Division
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winner: Tori Andrews – Career Center

Tori has not just initiated (and implemented) an idea that "improves operations, reduces or eliminates expenditures", she launched four ultimately stemming from the first - career fair budget analysis spreadsheets. For all twenty-two fairs, Tori can tell you exactly how much it costs per head (both student and recruiter) to have that fair. Then, she literally shaved off expenditures by: buying tablecloths ($500 PER FAIR SAVINGS), streamlining fair marketing (no more recycling full-color outdated posters/flyers after each fair), launching digital fair maps (instead of full-color map for each job seeker), and finally launching a "bare bones" (no lunch, no tablecloth, no tech) "last chance" career fair that is 95% pure profit right before spring semester concludes to connect recruiters with students launching a search right at time of graduation; this revenue from this (already at full capacity) fair will hopefully cover the $$$ space rental and catering costs for the other 22 fairs! ALL THIS IN 1 DAY!!

Better Together Award

Award Criteria:

  • One award celebrating two or more departments
  • A program put on by two or more DSA departments
  • A program that involves sharing resources and displays sustained, intensive cooperation and collaboration across the Division

2023 Winner: Department of Student Support and Transitions, the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement, and University Housing for the PLACES program

DSST, Housing, and CARE have worked together to support students who are experiencing housing insecurity with both temporary and long-term housing options.  The PLACES program supports students experiencing homelessness due to family/financial crisis or victimization.  By offering these spaces students are provided a safe place to live and can better focus on their academics.   Students regularly follow up with their assigned staff member from CARE or DSST to provide comprehensive support to help develop long term strategies for success.  For the 2022-2023 academic year PLACES provided support for 9 students each semester. This service would not be possible if not for the many individuals in each area that work together to best assist students.

Community Service Award

Award Criteria:

  • Two awards: one celebrating an A&P or USPS employee, one celebrating a Grad Assistant employee
  • Provides significant service to the community in a volunteer status
  • Service must be within the past year
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Jesemel Moreno – Center for Leadership and Social Change
Tyrone “TJ” Johnson - Career Center

In addition to her GA position and doing her (unpaid) Social Work internship hours at the Apalachee Center, Jesemel continues to volunteer at Hospice, helping families in need of palliative care. She finds the time to balance a commitment to our FSU students with her compassion and unique application of her skills and classroom knowledge by also volunteering in the community in ways that directly help others. Somehow she also finds time to start her own non-profit focused on helping with substance abuse recovery. She is such a selfless rock star for others!

Tyrone “TJ” Johnson not only talks the talk but walks the walk. At work, he encourages student engagement in and the value of community service with his students (for example, the Doing Well by Doing Good Panel and Networking Event), in his personal time he’s also contributing to numerous service projects. TJ serves as one of the Vice Presidents in Phi Beta Sigma’s Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter, and acts as an advisor for the Sigma Beta Club (their Youth Auxiliary Group). In this capacity, he serves as a community service director, helping plan virtual events, presenting workshops, and volunteering at numerous community events and national programs including Relay for Life, March for Babies, Food Drive, Sickle Cell 5K, just to name a few. In addition, TJ volunteers with membership and communication with his church. TJ’s support for our community knows no end – he has a love for service in every aspect of his life.

Hardee Research Award

Award Criteria:

  • Two awards: one celebrating an A&P or USPS employee, one celebrating a Grad Assistant employee
  • This employee has supervised the administration of an assessment instrument, conducted relevant research or engaged in a creative project related to the professional endeavors of the Division or department
  • This relevant research or creative project produced positive change in the Division or department
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Megan Crowe - Career Center
Brittany Devies - Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Since stepping into the Pre-Law Coordinator role in 2019, Megan has utterly thrown herself into researching every nuance of preparing a student to become admitted to law school. She continually consumes trainings from PLANC, SAPLA, LSAC, AccessLex on what truly makes a candidate move from applicant to admitted. A huge issue prior to her arrival was FSU students starting the application process late & failing to scaffold their resumes with related experiential learning opportunities. Megan leveraged relations with pre-law RSOs growing the pre-law listserv subscribers to 748, conducted a Qualtrics needs assessment to identify what pre-law students wanted/needed to inform her programming and recruiter outreach.....and WOW! her research paid off – growing from 3,789 applications submitted nationally to 5,144 (35.76% increase) seeing an application acceptance rate of 1,497 to 1,632 (9.02% increase) resulting in FSU's recent national ranking as the #4 “feeder school” for pre-law admissions!

Brittany has exceeded all expectations in the area of research (and being a doc student, these are high expectations). If you look at her CV, you will see countless research projects and publications focusing on creating better leadership learning opportunities for students and how to improve teaching strategies and pedagogy, the importance of institutional mission statements, and methods for effective reflection. Findings from this research has positively influenced students at FSU and across the country by sharing them in publications and presentations. Additionally, Brittany is engaged in her own dissertation research which looks at leadership capacity and efficacy development of undergraduate women. She has also worked in OVPSA with staff on a research project about women administrators and how they spend their time. Brittany is skilled at research and has shared it with many colleagues in various ways while at FSU and this should be recognized in as many ways as possible.

Keystone Award

Award Criteria:

  • Two awards celebrating USPS employees
  • Consistently demonstrates support to staff and/or students
  • Consistent service exceeds job expectations
  • Exhibits a positive attitude toward students and staff
  • Exemplifies the qualities of the "Keystone" of sustained reliability and support to the DSA
  • USPS Award Only, employed at least 2 years in DSA. Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Matthew Presley – Campus Recreation
Dexter Taylor - Department of Student Support and Transitions

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt for over 20 years, and to me (and many others within Campus Recreation), he truly is viewed as our keystone. Matt serves as a maintenance supervisor for our indoor facilities, however he is the ultimate example of a supervisor who leads by example. There is nothing Matt won't do with or for his team and our facilities. Besides being an incredible team member, he is also one of the friendliest people I have worked with. He is always positive and ready to help, even if it is a last minute or seemingly off the wall request. Matt has been a staple in our department for 20+ years, and is most deserving of this award!

As the OAS Accessible Transportation Driver, Dexter goes above and beyond his call to duty. Dexter never meets a stranger, being able to have a new friend laughing within minutes of their meeting. Dexter is always willing to support the students he transports across campus, whether getting into a building and to their class, carrying a bookbag, or an impromptu call for transportation to the Dining Hall or Chic-fil-a; Dexter has always been reliable to those in need. In my time with the office, I’ve never seen Dexter without a smile or unwilling to fill a gap wherever needed. During finals season, when he isn’t driving, he is at the front desk checking students or frequenting the second floor to see if anyone needs anything. Dexter is a true jewel and asset to the OAS.

Mover and Shaker Award

Award Criteria:

  • Three awards: one celebrating an A&P employee, one celebrating a USPS employee and one celebrating a Grad Assistant employee
  • Demonstrates a "can do" attitude
  • Consistently initiates and encourages positive change to services and/or programs
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Abbey Hale – Career Center
Jesse O’Reilly - Center for Global Engagement
Grant Mitchell - New Student and Family Programs

Abbey's favorite emoji, the sun with a smiley face, represents her perfectly. She brings sunshine to every student & employer encounter. For example, she took a huge leap of faith by transitioning from Arts & Science Liaison to Coll of ENG Liaison. On top of all the normal duties of a Liaison, her new role includes management of the STEM Fair. Just like the rays of the sun, the size of the Fair has reached employer capacity & a waitlist under the leadership of Abbey. Her glow & willingness to put students first was proven by a record-breaking Fall Fair. Student participation reached an all time high despite so many challenges. She consistently brings those rays of sunshine to every interaction with all stakeholders, which is why her professional reputation is building so quickly. I am most impressed with her ability to conquer the storms of event planning by always shining as bright as the sun.

If you're ever unsure about why the Globe is such a popular on-campus hangout, then you've never met Jesse O'Reilly. His background in the food industry and working as a chef has enabled all FSU students to share in the cultural exchange process that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else on campus. And who doesn't love food!? Between the Coffee Hours, the Global Cafe, and various in-house events, I would argue that Jesse has helped bridge cross-cultural gaps as much as anyone as this university ever has. He maintains and takes care of our building, students and staff deeply respect him for his helpfulness, and anyone who comes to Globe and see Jesse knows that everything is as it should be. He deserves this award for his tireless effort that goes way beyond normal working hours. The CGE prides itself on the experiences it provides students, and those experiences couldn't happen without Jesse leading the way.

Grant embodies the "can do" attitude that this award calls for. Grant is always looking for ways that his role and programs can innovate to better serve students. He is passionate, innovative, and purpose-driven and that has greatly benefited those lucky to work with him. If you ask a single student he has worked with, they would attest the same. One of our previous students wrote this about Grant at the end of the semester: "Your kindness, leadership, and ability to make others feel happier with your presence is something I will never forget." Another noted Grant was "so encouraging and helpful when we are thinking through things and working in groups!" These are just 2 of over a dozen responses I got attesting to the impact Grant has on the spaces he has touched at FSU. I am certain that the teams at NSFP and FSL would echo my sentiments for the work he has accomplished there. He is beyond deserving.

New Employee of the Year Award

Award Criteria:

  • Sustains superior work performance
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, initiative and a cooperative spirit
  • Employment with the Division of Student Affairs begins August 2022 or later
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winner: Jennifer Fasano - Campus Recreation

Jen Fasano has stepped into her role as Sport Club Coordinator with a tremendous amount of ease. Not only from inheriting her own staff, but being able to give her staff the autonomy to advance her program within Campus Recreation. Throughout the year, she has been able to hire more staff into their roles while having her clubs fundraise more money than they have in the past, not to mention that the clubs are getting themselves to nationals! Jen continues to provide the student development to everyone around her and work on herself in the process. Being a first year professional can be difficult, but with things working against her, Jen finds a way to prevail. It is very refreshing to see someone put so much life into their program and then seeing the hard work come out of it. Congrats Jen to a great year 1!

Partners with a Purpose Award

Award Criteria:

  • One award celebrating any business or individual employed outside of the Division of Student Affairs who contributes to the DSA mission and has played a vital part in our work with students
  • Must not have received the award previously within the past 5 years

2023 Winner: Kyle Griffis in the Office of the General Counsel

Kyle Griffis, from the Office of the General Counsel has been an instrumental partner to a number of different departments within the DSA. His work zealously representing the division's interests, while assisting our teams in navigating policy, legal, and legislative matters is largely behind the scenes. This work will not show up in an event, or a social media post but is illustrated by every behavior intervention team meeting, student conduct hearing, and Title IX investigation meeting he attends. He communicates the interests and policies of the university to outside legal representatives that are not always friendly, and will never hesitate to roll up his sleeves and assist a department with developing language or policy to better serve our students. He has jumped into his work with the DSA 100% and is the funniest lawyer I've ever met. He helps us through some really hard work, but ensures that we have some laughs and colorful stories along the way.

Program/Project of the Year

Award Criteria:

  • One award celebrating a program or project sponsored by DSA department(s)
  • Program/Project must make a positive impact on students and/or staff

2023 Winner: FSU Childcare and Early Learning program and the Childcare Means Parents in School Grant

The Childcare Center team under the leadership of Tiffany Karnisky applied for a large federal grant designed to help students who are parents succeed. The money rewarded by the grant was over five million dollars for the next four years. With this money, the center hired six new full time teachers to provide higher quality care for the children. The bulk of the grant is directed to provide quality childcare for FSU students who have children by covering their full tuition costs for the childcare for the next four years. Additionally, the grant will assist with afterschool costs of children from students who are using the center, and will provide assistance with costs for care of students while they are on a waiting list for the Center. This helps support students who are parents in a most important way - caring for their children at no cost in the center or lowered costs beyond.

Silent Superlative Award

Award Criteria:

  • Two awards: one celebrating an A&P employee, one celebrating a USPS employee
  • Exemplifies a positive attitude toward staff and students
  • Goes above and beyond the expectation of their job
  • Provides exceptional service without expectation of recognition
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winner: Annette Peters – Counseling and Psychological Services
Stormy McGivern - Student Organizations and Involvement

Annette is someone who goes above and beyond not only in her individual and group clinical work with students, but as a mentor, colleague, supervisor, research coordinator, and soon-to-be training director. Though the amount of work she takes on is impressive, it is the way in which she does her work that makes her truly incredible - with kindness, grace, humility, and compassion. She is someone who will have a jam-packed schedule, but will somehow find time to leave you a homemade treat in your office just to cheer you up. She approaches clinical work with students, training, and research with such infectious enthusiasm and passion. In her work, it is clear she excels not for recognition or status, but because she wants to be the best version of herself, and help others to do the same. Annette inspires me in this way daily, while also reminding me that it is okay to be human and to breathe.

Stormy handles all challenges thrown at her with ease. Student Organizations & Involvement has been understaffed consistently for the last three years. Some staff members wanted to leave for geographic reasons and some felt prepared to move on in their career because of Stormy's mentorship and encouragement. Stormy has taken on much more than is in her job description- like directly advising Homecoming Council, Dance Marathon, and Class Councils (until last fall). Stormy and I both started in our positions in fall 2019 and have seen our office transition into and out of multiple departments, reported to multiple advisors, and she has handled it all in stride. Stormy is the last person to want to be recognized for her work- she is always trying to give the team more credit than is necessary. Not only is she amazing at her job, she makes our staff want to come to work. She is a wonderful supervisor, advisor, confidant, and friend. She is part of the magic that makes FSU feel like home.

Star Award for Special Achievement

Award Criteria:

  • Four awards: two celebrating A&P employees, one celebrating a USPS employee, and one celebrating a Grad Assistant employee
  • Demonstrates consistent exceptional service
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards students, staff, and their work
  • Demonstrates the ability and willingness to go beyond the expectations of their job
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners:
Lacey Moret- Center for Global Engagement
Alethea Oliphant- University Housing
Megan Price- Campus Recreation
Katie Gilman- Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Lacey Moret is the most positive and helpful people I have met, let alone worked with. Each day she comes in to the office with a smile on her face, ready to help her 800+ students with what they may need. She brightens up any room with her cheerfulness and excitement for her job. Any time a student comes into the CGE with a question, whether the student falls under her alphabet or not, she is always willing to help them and answer all of the question they have. She will spend any amount of time needed assisting the student with their questions.
As a co-worker, I could not think of a more fun and helpful person to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is a great resource to learn more about F-1 immigration ins and outs. She always says she will work at the CGE until she is old, and I truly do believe that. She has a genuine love for her position and helping international students continue (or start) their post-secondary education.

Alethea has effectively managed the creation and delegation of University Housing Maxient cases to our live-in Residence Coordinators, which has been an average of 800 cases per semester. Alethea thoroughly reviews cases, uploading supplemental documents, like case reports from FSU PD, sending thorough notes and FYI to staff members so they can provide a timely and quality care approach when addressing residents. In addition to her impeccable administrative skills, Alethea takes on the additional responsibilities of scheduling one on ones with conduct hearing officers and giving them hands on, ongoing training improving their conduct & care approach ensuring it consistently aligns with our training and procedures. Alethea also serves as a co-chair for the Conduct & Care workgroup and Advisor for Queens of color. Alethea co-plans and implements programs for residents and staff too, always encouraging others with a positive attitude. She will not boast of her efforts, so I will.

Megan originally joined our team as a Graduate Assistant for the FSU Rez Lakefront Park to focus on Outdoor Pursuits, a program rapidly growing in popularity among FSU Students. Since she joined our team, we have had multiple full time staff members move on to other careers, a reorganization of the portfolio, and a continued increase in demand for outdoor programming. Megan quickly became well versed in all aspects of both the Lakefront facility and programming. She has supported our student staff in the absence of full time supervision, and has planned and executed numerous large scale events. In the fall of 2022, she worked worked with community vendors to provide students with Food Truck Fridays at the Lakefront which significantly increased Friday participation in outdoor programming and gave students an alcohol alternative to Friday happy hours. She has ultimately been a lifesaver for our team, and has done so with unwavering positivity.

Katie embodies everything the STAR award stands for. She has the most positive attitude towards students and staff. Everyone that meets her is drawn to her. She is exceptionally kind, caring, and engaging to those lucky to work with her. She provides consistent exceptional service to everyone in the Division of Student Affairs. If you have ever corresponded with Katie at work, you know if she doesn't know something, she will find you the answer in no time and know the person to connect you to. Whether it is a Division partner or a concerned loved one, she gives everyone her undivided attention and care when she works with them. She will go beyond the expectations of their job every time, whether it is staying on hold with a campus partner for an answer for an incoming student or staying after an event to help clean up, she goes above and beyond to ensure the best experience for the person she is working with. She is an exceptional element in our Division and we are so lucky to have her.

Stone Soup Award

Award Criteria:

  • One award celebrating a program or team
  • Provides significant creative services or programs with little or no financial resources
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winner: Career Center’s ProfessioNole Clothing Closet

The ProfessioNole Clothing Closet at Florida State University started seven years ago in a small room on the outskirts of campus, coordinated jointly between a student group and the Career Center. The Clothing Closet still does not have a “budget” and operates completes on a donation basis. Because of the efforts of Heather Lazar, over the past year it has transformed from a fringe program tucked away to one talked about in Orientation Tours, by Deans, and beyond. Heather spearheaded an expansion and made changes in the physical, operational, and even fundraising processes of the Closet, leading to increases in donations (in-kind and monetary), student utilization, employer participation, and cross-campus engagement. The changes implemented by Heather are enabling even more students to look their best throughout their job search so they can make a positive impression as they enter the professional world!

Student Mentor Award

Award Criteria:

  • Two awards celebrating an A&P, USPS or Grad Assistant employee
  • Consistently gives significant time and effort counseling, advising and supporting students
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Chelsea Shore – Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness
Natalie Mineer - Student Conduct and Community Standards

Ms. Chelsea Shore has served as the GA for LIFT since spring of 2021, and in her time in this role, she has built what is considered the fastest-growing collegiate recovery program in the nation. Ms. Shore has created and developed a Recovery Ally Program to encourage students to reflect on their substance use and destigmatize self-help-seeking behaviors related to recovery, addiction, and substance misuse. Ms. Shore emphasizes social justice, equity, and inclusion in all that she does through consulting with campus partnerships, utilizing the FSU swipe card system to ensure the program reaches a diverse range of students, and promoting culturally competent recovery so students can thrive in college. Ms. Shore has utilized multiple pathways (UROP, InternFSU, ERP, RSO) to expand her mentorship to 29 students, 25 of which were identified as unique. Ms. Shore truly cares for students, empowering their self-authorship, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in any endeavor.

Natalie joined FSU a year ago and has seen a lot of transition in that short year. Even though nearly the whole department has changed since she started, Natalie has remained a consistent support system for the other staff, grad assistants, and undergrads who interact with the department of student conduct and community standards. Natalie goes above and beyond to make sure that the students she supervises and interacts with feel cared for and are developed as individuals and professionals. She has made such a huge impact on the department’s ability to function over the past year and has helped students going through conduct processes have an educational experience.

Torch Team Award

Award Criteria:

  • One award celebrating any DSA team, unit or department
  • Demonstrates exceptional service or teamwork over the past year that reflects the mission of the Division of Student Affairs

2023 Winner: New Student and Family Programs- Jared Logan, Grant Mitchell, Sydney Pickett, Robyn Brock and Dave Peters

New Student & Family Programs (NSFP) works to aid students and families in their transition to Florida State through a variety of programs and initiatives. Through staffing changes, evolving needs and demands of COVID-19, and shifts in resources, NSFP has demonstrated what it means to show up and show out as a team and community to serve the Division of Student Affairs. From implementing a new, in-person New Nole Orientation program for thousands of students and family members, to building student leader spaces that challenge undergrads to think critically and intentionally about themselves and the world, to reimagining on-campus programs that pack welcome and tradition into the lives of Noles, and to igniting connections with campus partners who are key stakeholders and collaborators in orientation and transition efforts, the NSFP team work hard each and every day. Whether past, present, or interim, NSFP staff have shown great commitment together to help carry the torch of the DSA.

Vires Strength Award

Award Criteria:

  • Up to two awards celebrating individual employees who persevere in their role to make an improvement to the student experience
  • This recipient is a trailblazer and continues to put forth great effort to create a better environment for all
  • Nominee(s) must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Anissa Ford - Career Center
Freddy Juarez - Fraternity and Sorority Life

As Career Liaison serving the Colleges of Fine Arts & College of Music, Anissa has overcome blatant indifference from faculty, an utter lack of interest from "popular" employers to spend time engaging in recruiting events, and the student stigma that career services is not for them. A true trailblazer, Anissa recognized she had to combat all 3 fronts with "proof" that she is a subject matter expert: delivering record-breaking number of truly tailored workshops, completing a HUGE, successful curated employer outreach campaign shattering the number of internships and jobs posted for her students all while popping into her faculty's office hours to inform them of these efforts and ask for their "guidance"- and it worked, she's been given a seat at the table for Dean's Councils, included in critical student audition weekends, asked by her Deans to speak to parents about "making a living in performing arts," + the 80% increase in student usage of services!

Freddy is the embodiment of everything this award stands for. He started as a coordinator in FSL right out of his master's program and has worked his way up to the director of the office. His persevere in his role has made a tangle impact and significant improvement to the student experience. Having been at FSU six years, I have seen the impact Freddy has had on the FSL and FSU community. He is seen nationally as a trailblazer in the FSL community and has spent his career cultivating an FSL community that is better for everyone who touches it. I don't know that I have ever met a practitioner who cares more deeply about student success, well-being, and perseverance. Freddy is someone students and staff look to for strength, wisdom, and guidance because he has shown us time and time again that he leads in ways that others look to. I am certain FSU has a stronger student experience because of Freddy's immense impact. He is beyond deserving of this award.

Artes Skill Award

Award Criteria:

  • Up to two awards celebrating individual employees who possess great knowledge and skill in their functional area
  • This recipient is seen as an expert by their peers and colleagues because of their wisdom and institutional knowledge
  • Nominee(s) must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Alycia Malicz - DSA Marketing and Communications Office
Li Pon - Career Center

Alycia Malicz is one of the most skilled and talented designers at Florida State. Her graphic design work has enhanced the brand of the Division of Student Affairs and has captured the attention of our stakeholders. This year Alycia led the branding creation for the new Hello FSU! campaign. More and more students are learning to look to this vibrant, student friendly brand for info on FSU resources, involvement opportunities and success tips. She has also welcomed new challenges and learned new technologies. She has created email marketing communications for many campaigns.
Not only is she a skilled multimedia designer, she is also excellent at working with students in the DSA Marketing Office. From teaching software techniques, passing on design knowledge to sharing how to infuse a brand throughout a campaign, she is helping the department’s student employees truly grow as designers. This experiential learning opportunity she is providing her student employees is top-notch!

Li’s wealth of knowledge through 15 years of student affairs experience shows up in the way she coordinates the InternFSU program, supports international students seeking experiential learning and employment, and supervises an amazing team of Career Liaisons. All you have to do is ask ANY of the 300+ unique InternFSU Supervisors across campus who they would contact for information about internships and they would undoubtedly, without hesitation say “Li Pon.” A true problem-solver and researcher, Li picks up the phone to track down the right answer to a student, staff, faculty or community member’s question. The other way you know Li is wise? She NEVER accepts compliments and ALWAYS tells you who she learned or gleaned the information from; she gives (too much) credit to those that taught/connected her. The other way you know Li is seen as someone with deep institutional knowledge? Ask her how many times she's been invited to speak on panels or facilitate trainings for partners!

Mores Character Award

Award Criteria:

  • Up to two awards celebrating individual employees whose character is notable and admirable
  • This recipient does the right thing no matter the situation and leads with integrity
  • Nominee(s) must be employed at least half-time status

2023 Winners: Jarred Pernier - Fraternity and Sorority Life
Rachel Solomon - Department of Student Support and Transitions

Jarred embodies everything the Mores award describes and more. His character is notable and admirable, which is evident to everyone he works with. He is thoughtful, kind, and intentional in everything that he does. He is present and engaged in every conversation, meeting, email, and event he is a part of, which makes those around him feel valued. In working in a student-facing area and with a population that is often misunderstood, he models the way for students by leading with integrity, character, and respect. He treats his students like partners in the work which has created immeasurable growth and success for the communities he serves and greater FSU community. He is an invaluable asset to the Division of Student Affairs. If you spend even a few moments in their office space, you can see the admiration and respect FSL students have for Jarred. He is someone I learn from every time I interact with him and I am certain he has made me a better student affairs professional.

Since joining the OAS, Rachel has shown a true passion for social justice and ensuring that things are done the correct way and that everyone receives equitable treatment. Rachel is not afraid to voice her thoughts and always chooses to lead with integrity. As I write this, I am reminded of a moment a student visited during a very hectic walk-in day; the student check-in and waited, as any other student would. However, the student was ultimately not seen in a timely manner. Rachel took the initiative to meet with the student to ensure their needs were met, apologizing profusely for the student’s wait time. This is but one example of the notable and admirable character that Rachel exhibits. Through her passion, Rachel has made significant contributions to the office.