Awards & Nominations

2022 DSA Awards Photographs

Albert Einstein Award

Award Criteria:

  • Employee initiates an idea that improves operations, reduces or eliminates expenditures, or generates revenues that produces positive change in the Department and/or Division.
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Haley Gentile – Division of Student Support and Transitions (A&P)

“Haley has gone above and beyond to address student hunger with the Food for Thought Pantry. The addition of meal swipes donated by other students has allowed our less fortunate students to enjoy hot meals with friends, as all students should be able to. Throughout the pandemic, Haley and her team of work-study students have adapted to keep the pantry open and safe while also serving increased demand. Through increased donations and student volunteers, this increased demand has been met in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality or quantity of available food and essential goods”.- Anonymous

Better Together Award

Award Criteria:

  • A program put on by two or more DSA departments.
  • A program that involves sharing resources and displays sustained, intensive cooperation and collaboration across the Division.

2022 Winner: CGE's International Student & Scholar Services Team and The Career Center's Experiential Learning Team: Kristen Hagen, Kyle Roark, Betty Jenson, Li Pon, Angelique Stevens, Center for Global Engagement and Career Center

CGE's International Student & Scholar Services Team and The Career Center's Experiential Learning Team work together to facilitate CPT for students studying at FSU on an F-1/J-1 Visa. This is a very simplified explanation, but at the suggestion/request of CGE partners Career Center requested and was awarded a 5000 level course for the Experience Recognition Program to facilitate graduate student engagement in experiential learning in alignment with necessary legalities. Then they worked together to determine appropriate, recurring protocol for approving student enrollment in the course. This only grew out of the sustained, intensive cooperation and collaboration across the division with the undergraduate section (3802) after the university's formative experience (exp learning) graduation requirement announcement in 2018. It is refreshing to work with friends on creating protocol to best serve our students, our division and our institution.-Anonymous

Community Service Award

Award Criteria:

  • Provides significant service to the community in a volunteer status
  • Service must be within the past year
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Greg Turner – University Housing (USPS)

“Greg is compassionate and selfless! He is involved in several community service organizations. Every year he leads the Housing Christmas Connection efforts, adopting a family (or two), organizing a donation drive, gift wrap and delivery. He encourages all to participate and give back to a common cause. Greg is also passionate about helping troubled youth. He volunteers his time to provide mentorship to youth in their most trying moments. He has provided counsel to youth facing incarceration, dealing with the death of a loved one, etc. Greg is not afraid to face the uncomfortable realities with those in need and guide them through. His patience, humility and compassion are undeniable. Greg deserves the Community Service Award not only for the countless hours he volunteers but for the way he makes others feel. His significant service to the community impacts those he serves as well as those he invites to serve alongside him”- Anonymous

The FISH Philosophy Award

Award Criteria:

  • This award recognizes employees who embody the tenants of the FISH Philosophy:
    1. Choose your attitude
    2. Play
    3. Make someone's day
    4. Be there
  • This is a traveling award given to one individual or group per year
  • * We could not choose just on individual and group, so we awarded one group and one individual in 2022!

2022 Winner: Brenda Thompkins – University Housing/ Childcare (USPS)

Brenda exemplifies the FISH Philosophy. Her smile, laughter and her positive approach to every situation is infectious. She shows up with new inspiration each day and this radiates to the children, families and staff. She puts forth her very best effort every day to ensure that daily operations, team morale, and contact with the children and families continue. Brenda planned and facilitated several events for the children and families. These events had to be planned intentionally to include social distancing children and that allowed families to participate virtually. Brenda is always coming up with spur of the moment events for team engagement and to bring a little fun into days that can be stressful. From scavenger hunts for staff to friendly challenges at pick up and drop off. Brenda is a fully engaged team member. She steps in to help in the Center when ask and when she has identified there is a need. Always. - Tiffany Karnisky

2022 Winner: New Student and Family Programs

● Our NSFP 2021 team leaders were once orientation leaders in the year 2020. They bore all the trainings and responsibilities that previous teams have gone through, including their retreat in which they learn the FISH philosophy. The empowered to incorporate the philosophy in everything they did, but this was especially evident when COVID-19 hit and we were forced to move orientation to an online platform. This meant are training for in person events and scenarios had to be transferred over to an online experience and the experience of previous orientation leaders would not be the same as our team leaders. Even though they went through the online experience and missed out on previous ones, they each decided to become team leaders in the year 2021. They knew there was a possibility of remaining online yet they still chose to mentor and to a peer supervisory role for incoming orientation leaders and maintained the philosophical methods throughout all the challenges and hardships. - Anonymous

Hardee Research Award

Award Criteria:

  • This employee has supervised the administration of an assessment instrument, conducted relevant research or engaged in a creative project related to the professional endeavors of the Division/Department
  • This relevant research or creative project produced positive change in the Division/Department
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Adam Lindberg- Department of Student Support and Transitions(A&P)

In Fall 2021, Adam noticed a trend emerging in the daily police blotters regarding the number of arrests/citations related to students with fake IDs and collected that data through Student Conduct and Community Standards and/or FSUPD. Adam then pulled together a group of colleagues across the division to discuss and implement the creation of an educational campaign to assist FSU students in making more informed/positive decisions related to the possession/use of fake IDs.The data was used by DSA Marketing to create a series of social media posts to raise Fake ID awareness. The posts originated on FSUPDs social media and were shared widely by DSA colleagues. Following the campaign, the Fake ID charges decreased. Adam and his team worked with SCCS and Housing to develop a new outcome for students found responsible for a false ID through our conduct system with the hope that information obtained from students can inform future social media campaigns and educational initiatives. - Shelley Ducatt

Keystone Award

Award Criteria:

  • Consistently demonstrates support to staff and/or students
  • Consistent service exceeds job expectations
  • Exhibits a positive attitude toward students and staff
  • Exemplifies the qualities of the "Keystone" of sustained reliability and support to the DSA
  • USPS Award Only, employed at least 2 years in DSA. Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Sherica Holston – Career Center

● Sherica supports the thousands of employers that register and are active in posting opportunities, workshops and interviews within our 24/7/365 job board, NoleNetwork. The pandemic expansion of virtual campus recruiting = expansion of companies adding more target schools to their recruiting list. And, not only was Sherica working with companies hiring for full-time opportunities, she was also covering for her office partner that focuses on experiential learning opportunities due to her extended FMLA leave. She never, ever dropped her positive attitude (her HUGE smile always greets you on the 3rd floor!) or service consistency while exceeding her job expectations. This allowed our office, our division and our institution to gain many, many more loyal recruiter "fans" of the red carpet service our office delivers expanding opportunities for our student talent. Sherica truly exemplifies the qualities of the "Keystone" of sustained reliability and support to the DSA. - Anonymous

Mover and Shaker Award

Award Criteria:

  • Demonstrates a "can do" attitude
  • Consistently initiates and encourages positive change to services and/or programs
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Amie Runk – Union (OPS)

Amie always supports her employees in all of their endeavors and shows consistent encouragement for all of us and our aspirations. As stated in the Mover and Shaker award, she is always a positive light to your employees and challenge us to bring our new ideas for the building to life while providing endless support and guidance. We love you Amie! -Anonymous

2022 Winner: Ashford Evans Brown – Campus Rec (A&P)

● Ashford always goes above and beyond in his role, consistently serving on multiple committees and working on varies projects. He's always doing the "extra" stuff that no one else steps up to do. He puts his 110% effort into the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee, the Student Development Committee, is on several search committees including being the chair, assists with scholarship review, all while maintaining a top performing program area. In the last year, he has had to onboard a new professional staff member in his area, as well as pick up additional responsibilities as another professional he oversaw left their position. I am always waiting for him to complain about all he has to do, all he's been "volun-told" to do, but he never does. His goal is to make everything better than the way he left it, and he does just that. I admire his positive attitude when faced with challenging times, always willing to do even more. - Anonymous

New Employee of the Year Award

Award Criteria:

  • Sustains superior work performance
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, initiative and a cooperative spirit
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Rebecca Whitfield- Counseling and Psychological Services

● Rebecca is the type of supervisor you dream of having. She stepped into a role that had been empty for too long and did it with grace and poise. She immediately took action by meeting with her supervisees to learn about them and how they best work. She is in a community-facing position and strives to make our programs better within the Center but with other providers in the community. She has continued to build on our network of therapists and spent time meeting with each one to further our connection and deepen our roots. She is collaborative and she cares about those she supervises. Despite having been here less than a year, she has become an integral part of our team. I continue to feel appreciative of her and her leadership style. She came in to the position during a time where things were hard, but has demonstrated nothing but professionalism, even when tasked with things that are way outside of her job description. Rebecca deserves this award and all of the possible recognition. - Anonymous

Partners with a Purpose Award

Award Criteria:

  • Any business or individual employed outside of the Division of Student Affairs who contributes to the DSA mission and has played a vital part in our work with students
  • Department coordination suggested
  • Must not have received the award previously within the past 5 years.

2022 Winner: ERezLife

"I have worked with eRezLife for over 5 years and continue to be impressed by their customer service and the community they create. eRezLife's software assists University Housing in managing the recruitment and hiring of 300+ student staff as well as assess our Residential Curriculum. eRezLife’s software has improved continuously based on user feedback! Recently eRezLife incorporated the use of preferred name in their software. No longer are students being referred to by a name they do not relate with; eRezLife's update accurately captures the name students ascribe to for more effective communication. Beyond the software, eRezLife is known for supporting a community of learners. eRezLife hosts frequent webinars, posts blogs, sends newsletters, and are active on social media. As a user, I feel a part of the community. I know I can reach out to the staff and receive a prompt answer, and often improvements. eRezLife embraces our DSA values of community, inclusivity, and student development."- Sarah Sheldon

ERezLife Website

Program/Project of the Year

Award Criteria:

  • Program/Project must be sponsored by a DSA department(s)
  • Program/Project must make a positive impact on students and/or staff

2022 Winner: Trauma informed Training for Violence Prevention:

Cpl. Lali Campbell- FSUPD, Rose Rezaei- CHAW, Sarah Lull- VAP,

Tricia Buchholz- Title IX, Tiera Mason- SCCS

During the 2020-2021 year CHAW, FSUPD, VAP, TIX, and SCCS partnered to create a training program for new FSU Police officers. The initiative was led by Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) and supported by deliverables outlined by a Department of Justice Violence Against Women Act grant to build a trauma informed framework for all members of the FSU community to significantly reduce dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking Cpl. Campbell at FSUPD and CHAW worked closely to develop a curriculum that would be trauma informed and campus specific. VAP was called in to serve as experts on trauma and provide additional training. TIX and SCCS contributed by training about FSU processes and the rights and resources for our student body. So far 4 new classes of FSUPD officers have received the training. This collaborative effort highlights how various stakeholders demonstrate FSU's ongoing efforts to provide the best care possible to students. - Anonymous

Silent Superlative Award

Award Criteria:

  • Exemplifies a positive attitude toward staff and students
  • Goes above and beyond the expectation of their job
  • Provides exceptional service without expectation of recognition
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Nicola Perry – University Health Services

Nicola has been working incredibly hard these last few years with the UHS HR Team. Despite any challenges that have come her way, she has continued to keep a great attitude and provide exceptional service. She never asks for anything in return and goes above and beyond with everything she does. She is a great supervisor to her team and a great coworker to her colleagues. If anyone deserves this reward, it's her. - Anonymous

Star Award for Special Achievement

Award Criteria:

  • Demonstrates consistent exceptional service
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards students, staff, and their work
  • Demonstrates the ability and willingness to go beyond the expectations of their job
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winners:

Tyrone “TJ” Johnson – Career Center (A&P)

Brittany Devies – Center for Leadership and Social Change (GA)

Lauren Brooke – Union

Stormy Walker – Student Engagement

● TJ -”All you have to do is say "TJ" and people smile. His unfailingly positive attitude, his can-do approach to absolutely everything and the way he just draws people into a project or reaching a common can go on and on. TJ just gets it. He knows that everyone in student affairs wears multiple hats and has simultaneous looming, important deadlines (including himself!)....but you would NEVER know it. If you (as a colleague) need him, he's there. If a student needs him, he's there. If a campus visitor looks the least bit lost, he's there. If a piece of trash is on the ground, he's picking it up. If you want something done well, done right, completed on time and professional - call TJ. FSU is lucky to have him back as a "ProfessioNole" not only advocating but contributing towards equitable access to student success resources, on-campus and beyond”. - Anonymous

● Brittany - With complete transparency, Brittany Devies is one of the top 5 doctoral students I have every worked with in my 14 years of being a faculty member. She has already become a transformational force in higher education because of her passion and dedication to others. Brittany is a well-balanced, intelligent woman with an extreme amount of passion and persistency. She has good-natured enthusiasm, determination, strong beliefs, and intellectual curiosity, which she brings in every aspect of her being in higher education. Brittany is an excellent leader and follower where she demonstrates a commitment to service, creativity, the improvement of community, and life in general. I say all of this because she is beyond deserving of this award, she goes above and beyond in everything she does to support all around her, do exceptional work, and to maximize student learning. I only wish I had Brittany as an advisor/mentor when I was an undergraduate student.- Kathy Guthrie

● Lauren - It will be tough to say why Lauren Booke should be granted this award in under 1,000 characters. Lauren is one of the hardest working employees that I have had the pleasure of working with. She goes above and beyond the duties of her position every single day and sets a great example for the rest of our Campus Event Services team. She has a student- and client-first mentality and does everything in her power to accommodate for events facilitated by CES. Lauren shows up every day with a positive attitude and that reflects in how others interact with her. Lauren has went above and beyond assisting multiple major events on campus over the past year. She was a key figure in ensuring Family Weekend 2021 was coordinated well and ran smoothly. She was also the key figure in ensuring that the recent National Symposium of Spanish as a Heritage Language event went off without a hitch. Lauren has been a major reason why CES continues to go above and beyond for events on campus.- Brett Eustice

● Stormy -This nomination (Star Award for Special Achievement) is for Ms. Stormy Walker. A star is a natural luminous body visible in the sky or a self-luminous body of great mass that produces energy by means of nuclear fusion reactions. There are a few keywords that come to mind from this definition that matches the work ethic and presence of Stormy: Luminous and Produces Energy. Stormy is a bright source of positive energy for Student Engagement as the Program Director for Student Organizations and Involvement. Her leadership and commitment to our 650+ student organizations, their executive boards, and the SOI staff is honorable. Stormy is a knowledgeable source for the staff that helps to navigate our students through Dance Marathon (which raised 1.55 million dollars this year, 83K more than 2019 our last in-person iteration of this program), Relay for Life, and Homecoming, etc. She is a pleasure to work with and if stars could be replicated, I would surely want a few more just like her. - Anonymous

Stone Soup Award

Award Criteria:

  • Provides significant creative services or programs with little or no financial resources
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: PeaceJam - Center for Leadership and Social Change

The PeaceJam Program serves an incredibly impressive number of K-12 youth not just in Leon County, but across the state of Florida. There are a huge number of Coaches and Mentors (FSU Students) who connect youth to global peace initiatives and the UN every day. Plus, they get to spend time with Nobel Prize Laurates, and they hustle to make it happen! The impact far exceeds the very small budget that this group is allocated each year. Way to go PeaceJam-ily!- Erin Sylvester Philpot

Student Mentor Award

Award Criteria:

  • Consistently gives significant time and effort counseling, advising and supporting students
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Jared Tirone – Center for Global Engagement

Working at the CGE front desk, I see students come in and be warmly welcomed by Jared. He has positive energy that is infectious to our whole department. He is someone whom you hope will never leave. I look forward to working with him each day. I see his passion for helping international students and how much he inspires his InternFSU student, Sherlay Cajuste. She wrote: “As a mentor/supervisor, Jared consistently goes out of his way to teach me and advise me on the immigration side of international education. He shows so much passion for the job and his students and translates that into his advising of me, as an intern. Anytime I have questions or need help with the job, Jared is always there ready to help even when he has other responsibilities to take care of. He deserves this award for the time, passion, and effort he puts into advising me and his students. His passion has inspired me to find my own and provide the same level of support for others in the future.” Jared deserves this award.- Lacey Moret

Torch Team Award

Award Criteria:

  • Any DSA team, unit or department
  • Demonstrates exceptional service or teamwork over the past year that reflects the mission of the Division of Student Affairs

2022 Winner: RISE Office – Dr. Sierra Turner, Ashley Archer Doehling, Stefanie Moncada, Grace Wilson Fennema, Vanessa Solomon

The Representation, Inclusion, & Student Equity office is newly created within the CLSC. Our staff members have come together from across campus to join this team, and the work that is done here is vitally important to the student experience. From programming to educate about diverse students and needs, to responding to bias incidents, to supporting student identity and celebrations of culture and personhood, the RISE office really has been doing it all this year! The staff members have created a family within our team, and work together to support each student within our office, and any student on campus who needs our help. The whole staff of the RISE office (professionals, graduate assistants, student assistants) support the purpose of creating a welcoming space on campus for all students, intentionally designing space for marginalized individuals so they know that FSU is a home for them, too. - Anonymous

Uphold the Garnet & Gold Award

Award Criteria:

  • Demonstrates active civil behavior. Embraces the values of civility and ethical conduct and shares in the responsibility to promote these values
  • Upholds the Garnet & Gold by demonstrating respect for him/herself and others, taking responsibility for him/herself and those around him/her, and reflects the values of Florida State
  • Nominee must be employed at least half-time status

2022 Winner: Donald English – Counseling and Psychological Services

Donald English is the paragon of integrity. As the Associate Director of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), he consistently advocates for staff and does so in a way that is genuine and authentic. He is caring and the type of person that you can talk to about anything, and one always leaves these interactions feeling heard and respected. Especially during times of stress and change, Don is the one you can rely on to be the steady calm in the storm. He is an overall stellar human being who consistently treats others with kindness, respect, and civility; those who are lucky enough to know him are better for it. When I think of someone who upholds the Garnet and Gold, I think of Don English. No question about it. - Erin Gallivan